Courageous Heart Bujinkan Dojo

Traditional martial arts and modern self-defence training for adults

We offer:

  1. senior instructors with over 35 years’ training experience

  2. personal attention and small classes

  3. safe progressive training

  4. seminar program with top Australian and international instructors

  5. training trips to Japan

  6. regular outdoor training

  7. no competitions or tournaments - just training!

Our well-equipped dojo has 100m2 mats, outdoor training area, punch/kickbags, protective gear, functional training equipment (medicine/slam balls, battle ropes, sandbags) and safe training weapons.

Instructors Gillian Booth and Frances Haynes have specialised in teaching adults for over 17 years.

Our dojo and training attracts complete beginners, experienced martial artists and people from all walks of life.

Many senior students have trained 10-20 years or more in the Bujinkan and both instructors and students make regular training trips to Japan.

The atmosphere in the dojo is relatively informal and training is a creative mix of traditional and modern training providing challenge, motivation and fun. We only teach adults and you are treated like one!

We look forward to sharing this fascinating and unique martial arts tradition with you

Click here for contact and schedule information

Click here for contact and schedule information.

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